2019 Interzum Cologne, Germany, Jusen perfect ending

On May 21st, the two-year Interzum exhibition in Cologne, Germany was grandly opened!
This year, Jusen carried a variety of products newly developed by the research team at the E-025 booth in Hall 4.1 of Cologne, Germany.
During the exhibition, the new products of Jusen 4.0 door hinge system, G18 hidden hinge, sliding door pulley and so on were welcomed and praised by many foreign customers.

The Interzum exhibition in Cologne, Germany is the world's most famous professional exhibition in the field of furniture and woodworking machinery manufacturing. As a company with scientific research, innovation and product focus, Jusen has dared to show its products and technology to the world on the international stage.
Since the first day of the launch, guests have been raving about One Touch products and are very popular. The minimalist facade of the kitchen has no handle design, freeing hands and making it simple and simple, making the furniture environment more concise.
The Jusen G18 concealed hinge is specially designed for narrow-edge aluminum frame glass doors, three-dimensional adjustment, self-contained door-closing buffer function, and concealed design, which makes the glass cabinet more beautiful and atmospheric, and is recognized and appreciated by many foreign customers.
Jusen sliding door pulley products - flagship series, two-way damping buffer system + super high quality roller, greatly extending the life of sliding door, opening and closing 5 times a day, stable and durable for 30 years, the best quality is to give you the longest accompany.

In the 2019 Interzum exhibition in Cologne, Germany, Jusen has been perfected. The company has been committed to product research and development and innovation. To learn more about the company, please continue to pay attention to the torch hardware.